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In the backseat, his family's strange visitor was lounging, her legs spread as she seemed to be taking an impromptu nap. Robert still hadn't found Jessica, and was beginning to wonder if he had parked at the wrong field. He leaned back into his seat, watching his visitor stir out of the corner of his eye.The games were held at Wild Born Junior High, right? She brought her legs together as she stretched her arms, crossing her legs as she leaned forward. He turned his head to see Jessica jogging toward the minivan, her soccer ball clutched under her arm as her cleats casually uprooted a small patch of grass. Robert clicked his tongue disapprovingly as he looked over his daughter's chest.

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She delivered her message, then bit at the senior's earlobe amorously. "I read online, uh, somewhere, that wearing a brassiere isn't actually healthy for the, um, health. He had heard this particularly vague fact as well, though he couldn't point to the source right at the moment.

"So, I was thinking, I probably shouldn't be wearing them anymore.

Since I'm, you know, starting college in a few months.

The visitor caught it deftly, slowly palming at both cups. "Ah, that's better," Robert said, as his eyes caught two telltale nubs protruding from his daughter's shirt.

It was good to see she was starting to learn a little responsibility.

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