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Having your own website gives you some perks, including knowing how your visitors got there. But, unfortunately, despite the fact I am Czech myself, I must agree…

That’s why I know that quite a few people are asking Google “Why are Czechs so rude? Every nation in Europe has its own characteristics – the noisy animated Italians, the wine-loving sexy French, the humourless Germans, the rude Czechs 🙁 I’ve done a bit of googling on the subject of “Why are Czechs so rude” and quite a few pages came up with various people’s stories from their visits to the Czech Republic.

Whatever’s happened to “Náš zákazník, náš pán – Our customer, our master”?

The difference between the Brits and the Czechs when it comes to politeness is like a giant chasm.

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You can also make your credit card donation by calling between 9 a.m. Look for the locked lock on your browser's status bar or https: to ensure you are submitting your payment information on a secure form.

This chasm becomes obvious as soon as I get off the plane at Ruzyně or cross the Waidhaus / Rozvadov border into CZ. Every time we go to CZ we’re faced with rude, arrogant, unpleasant Czechs 🙁 I really don’t know where this rudeness comes from.

Having said that, the lady at the kiosk where you buy your dálniční známka or motorway sticker in the casino building was in fact VERY nice last time – so big thumbs UP for her. I can only assume that it’s the result of 40 years of totality and oppression, which has made the Czechs bitter, rancorous and spiteful.

I have learned by now that asking for change is a no-no unless you want to see a sour face staring back at you. They do it when they’re counting money – they scribble, onto the notes, how many notes or how much money they’ve counted, I suppose. Well, unfortunately, railway stations are another contender when it comes to lack of customer service as a friend of mine found out when she went to buy a train ticket.

But you try to change those notes into Czech crowns in a Czech bank! I didn’t know that the first time, of course, and was well pissed-off when the stupid Czech bank woman in Komerční banka in Česká Třebová gave me a wad of twenty pound notes back with an arrogant smirk on her face saying that they are not valid. She told the woman at the desk where she wanted to go etc. So my friend takes out her debit card to pay and the woman says: “You’re paying by card?

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