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Ratios are managed via the guest list, aiming for a 3 to 1 ratio of males to females being the ideal.Of course we can only be excused for those who get invited and fail to show up, this is noted.

I am a real life professional Dominatrix and your host and the owner of your alternative lifestyle private members adult kinky party venue here in Kings Lynn.All parties are posted in the PARTIES section of uk website. Newbies to the party venue please send a clear face photo with your message here on FABS and the party you wish to attend in the first instance to get an invite.You cannot just turn up and gain entry without booking in.Greedy Girls is primarily a party for girls (single or within a partnership) that seek and enjoy the attention of more than one man, whether that be socially or within sexy group play.As usual good manners should prevail - always ask if u can watch/join in and ladies word is always final.

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