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Our goal is for you to actually meet quality, local Kansas City singles that are interested in meeting you based on who you are.Have questions about what to wear on your date, or whether you should bring flowers?I read on a couple of websites that Kansas City is voted #1 worst place for dating.

You will be able to see the match selected for you, and will make the decision to either move forward with a date, or tell your matchmaker why you would not like to proceed.For the few women I have met, they are from out of state and have not been here long.A female told me most folks here traditionally meet threw mutual friends, schools, jobs etc but tend to be more closed off to someone just approaching them due to various factors (which are lame factors by the way).We don’t do blind matchmaking, so you will review all the details about the person your matchmaker matches you with.Only after you are satisfied with the information and are actually interested in meeting your potential match will your matchmaker proceed to arrange an in-person date for you.

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