Dating a very busy man dating bipolar men

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The purpose of dating is to spend time with someone to evaluate his/her potential as a mate and decide if you want to invest more time getting to know each other. And believe me, if you persevere, YOU WILL FIND LOVE.

I know because against all kinds of odds, I found an adorable man and we’ve been married now for nearly 15 years.

This guy started out doing all the right things, but now he’s doing a disappearing act.

I realize this kind of thing can take a toll on your heart.

At the end of every date or time together he has followed up quickly… He quizzed me about the day asking when I’m free and what work I’m doing now. I really like this guy and i thought he really liked me, you know? But if he were as into you as he was acting, why would he risk turning you off? When a man tells you he’s been so busy, that’s the biggest RED FLAG. Let me help you with understanding men and explain what those words could mean: He could also be pulling away like so many men do when things are going well and it occurs to them that a relationship is starting.

He’s been attentive, making dates, really into me and then suddenly –a week before Valentine’s Day– he didn’t make time to see me. So I sent him a text advising him of my first day off in 4 weeks. I hate to break this to you, but “I’m so busy” is Man Speak or code to cover a bunch of circumstances.

I make time to go for a run nearly every night, why?

Because that's my time to unwind and get my cardio in. I make the time to cuddle up in my bed and watch the next episode on Netflix I'm obsessed with because I like to. uncomfortably pursuing this crush you hardly know, simply to spend time with a person that genuinely doesn't feel the same about you?

Until you know you have a standing date on Saturday night (depending on schedules), you are NOT in a relationship. Everything else is just dating where there is no commitment. It’s not easy, but this is the only way you will find love.I lived through this myself and it was tough no doubt.But I came up with a way to handle the disappointment and actually guard against it.Then nothing until LATE last night, he sent a weird message about how he’s been so busy and “did you have a fantastic day? But not talking to me at all for 3 days and then quizzing me instead of having a heart-felt conversation (like we’ve had numerous times up until now) doesn’t cut it. It’s so hard when dating seems to be going well and then BOOM, it fizzles out. Of course this is certainly not uncommon – pretty much standard dating nonsense. That’s another reason why a guy might scamper off and become too busy.I’m sure Valentine’s Day is playing a part in freaking him out. They do get scared about commitment and getting caught up in something.

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