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Friday April 4, and Saturday April 5, 2014 AUCTION STARTS AT P. FRIDAY (approximately 1/2 hour after Wrench Club Meet ends) AND AT A. SATURDAY AT THE CITY AUDITORIUM, 6TH & NEBRASKA AVENUE YORK, NEBRASKA This year's auction consists of wrenches and other antiques form several Missouri Valley Wrench Club members. Patent was issued to Edward Wright of Worcester, Mass. Wood handled threaded shaft type combination nut and pipe wrench with pipe cutter attachment.

The bulk of the farm wrenches were mailed in forty-one Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes from West Virginia by Lee Fisher.

European pocket watches have a regulator marked "A" for advance and "R" for retard.

American pocket watches are marked "F" for fast and "S" for slow. This word is French and means "blank" or "outline." This term refers to an incomplete watch movement or design that was later shipped to a different manufacturer that would then finish the watch.

Printed catalogs and Lists of Prices Realized are available from Don 'Bus' Haury - 7913 SW 24th, Halstead, KS, 67056 316-284-7345 - Email For books on collecting wrenches and other tools plus all our past wrench auction catalogs and price lists.

Contact us if you want to dispose of your old wrenches (one or a collection).

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ASCAS has 250 members throughout the world and every month publishes a monthly newsletter on its website American watches consider a chronograph as a combination of watch and stopwatch. This is also referred to as a "nail set" and is primarily found on European pocket watches, notes the Barry S. The pin set is a button usually near the stem that is depressed and held while simultaneously turning the illustrated selection of antique silver and objects of vertu Continental, European, Italian, Russian, German, French, English, Austrian, Scottish, American, Dutch, Danish, Judaica, Georgian, Spanish and much more The home page of A Small Collection of Antique Silver and Objects of vertu, a 1000 pages richly illustrated website offering all you need to know about antique silver, sterling silver, silverplate, sheffield plate, electroplate silver, silverware, flatware, tea services and tea complements, marks and hallmarks, articles, books, auction catalogs, famous silversmiths (Tiffany, Gorham, Jensen, Elkington, Mappin & Webb, WMF, Reed & Barton), history, oddities... SHIEBLER & CO SHREVE, CRUMP & LOW TIFFANY & CO TOWLE WALLACE WATSON COMPANY E. WEBSTER & SON WHITING MFG CO WILCOX SILVER PLATE CO A&/AC AD/AK AL/AZ B&/BB BC/BO BP/BZ C&/CA CB/CC CD/CF CG/CL CM/CS CT/CZ D&/DB DC/DL DM/DZ E&/EA EB/ED EE/EH EI/EO EP/EZ F&/FD FE/FJ FK/FZ G&/GB GC/GG GH/GL GM/GR GS/GZ H&/H& HA/HB HC/HE HF/HL HM/HU HV/HZ I&/IG IH/IL IM/IZ J&/JA JB/JC JD/JG JH/JK JL/JQ JR/JR JS/JS JT/JZ K&/KZ L&/LB LC/LZ M&/MB MC/MI MJ/MZ N&/NZ O&/OZ P&/PK PL/PZ QA/QZ R&/RB RC/RG RH/RK RL/RQ RR/RZ S&/SB SC/SI SJ/SR SS/SZ T&/TC TD/TG TH/TN TO/TS TT/TZ U&/UZ V&/VZ W&/WA WB/WB WC/WC WD/WE WF/WG WH/WL WM/WM WN/WR WS/WS WT/XZ Y&/YZ Z&/ZZ | DUTY MARKS | LEOPARD'S HEAD | LONDON MARKS | WOMEN SILVERSMITHS | PSEUDO HALLMARKS | IMPORT MARKS | JOURNEYMAN MARKS | | CONTEMPORARY MARKS | HERALDRY & FAMILY CRESTS | OLD ADVERTISEMENTS | FACTORIES & SHOPS: OLD IMAGES | ARTICLES ON ENGLISH SILVER | Adie & Lovekin Angell Family Asprey & Co Atkin Brothers Barker Brothers E. Dixon & Sons Dobson & Sons Eley family Elkington & Co Emes family Fattorini & Sons Fox family Garrard & Co S.

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