Dating japanese sword

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He cut through the chest of the man and penetrated about 20 cm of the mount with the tip of the sword.Obviously they were in the mood for joking on that day because Kiyomasa said: “Someone should give me a spade so that I can dig out the sword.” Because the executed man had very dark skin Masamune gave the blade the nickname Kuronbogiri.” With this question he alluded to the then unfortunately very common “habit” of higher-ranking testing their blades on criminals or even on innocent persons.

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It is said that the Habaki-Kuniyuki has its name from the fact that the swordsmith Rai Kuniyuki forged the blade in one piece with its collar ( for this sword with the incredible high value of 100 gold pieces.The blade itself is a measuring 73.0 cm which was shortened up to the signature.Originally it was a heirloom of the Ishikawa family (石川) who were a local political authority of the northern Ōshū region since the Heian period.Everything was prepared and the poor man was tied up and laid on a makeshift mound.Kiyomasa raised the sword to the overhead position and delievered a powerful blow.

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