Dating silver candlestick

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Traditionally in the silver industry Trade weight is used to mark pieces that were used in “the trade” meaning restaurants and tea rooms.Obviously these would have been high end establishments to be using sterling silver.

Go to the bottom of the page for flatware age identification Stieff date marks from 1901-1980 This CHART is from the Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks and Makers Marks.Liberty or sold to other retailers to sell in their stores.Some of these pieces will carry the name of retailers stamped into the back of the handle. Another silver company was also using a Crown B mark around the turn of the century, but for the life of me, I do not recall what company that was.The daisy has developed broader leaves that have small bumps under the tips.All in all a bit less silver is used here in an effort to modernize the look and reduce weight which is reflected in cost. The PAT mark did not last long and was gone by the later 1950s.

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