Dating someone who has just ended his marriage design patterns for dummies dating for dummies 2nd

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OK, this question is directed only at the people who are open to dating someone who already has kids.

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If you're not one of those people, please don't bother replying.

I don't want to see this thread turn into another "Don't date anyone with kids/why single moms should be avoided" thread, even though I'm sure someone will eventually offer that sentiment.

The other thing I forgot to add is that you might not find out until later that his or her kids are from different marriages.

I also have never dated anyone with more than one child. What did give me pause, though, was learning that her two kids were from different marriages.

I don't know the exact dates of when she got married and divorced, but I think her first marriage was in her early 20s and lasted til her late 20s.

For the purpose of this thread, exclude the stereotype of the young single mom who had kids with a bunch of different guys and assume the person you meet is a responsible adult who isn't looking for a daddy for her kids, isn't interested in having more kids, and may not even be looking to get married again.

They just want to date and perhaps have a serious relationship with someone who will accept their kids.

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