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Frederic Beigbeder dadea in faimoasa sa carte un verdict dur pentru romanticii zilelor noastre – „dragoste dureaza trei ani”.Totusi, un studiu realizat la Univresitatea din Geneva il contrazice pe autor si ne spune ca dragostea poate sa dureze si o viata daca partenerii vor gasi mereu lucruri de apreciat la omul de langa ei si daca vor avea ganduri pozitive in legatura cu relatia lor.Nu poti porni intr-o relatie gandidu-te inca de la inceput ca ai de-a face cu viitorul sot.Relaxeaza-te si mentine-ti asteptarile la un nivel cat mai realist posibill. Sexul, nu inainte de toate Nu militam pentru castitate, insa inainte de sex ar trebui sa va dati suficient timp pentru a va cunoaste.A lot of time is wasted in these relationships, as Empaths come to realize the narcissists never change.Finally, the Empath recognizes the narcissists from a mile away, and no longer lends their time, or energy to these stagnant, volatile relationships.



Why, please tell me men, because it all comes out eventually anyway, right? I’ve got to say, here where telepathy is the norm, and reading energy is a daily occurrence, I can see right through the BS! Quite frankly, women are tired of dick pics and zero depth. Most women who have transitioned to a Service To Others Profession work from home, don’t get out much, and are workaholics in their plight to assist humanity, emersed in their soul purpose and mission.There are so many souls looking to share their love with an equal partner. 💞 And yet, there are so many souls already in a loving relationship, in which they take one another for granted, and don’t put in the time, energy, or effort to keep the relationship alive and Blissful. If you’ve got one of these relationships already, be blessed that you do. Give 100% to the relationship to keep it alive and Blissful, because trust me…. It’s beyond frustration to an Empath to keep attracting this type into their field. Life Coaches tend to attract the broken soul whose life is a complete disaster. Sharing information is meant to assist one another to gain clarity.And the Life Coach spends more time coaching than being in an equal partnership. the energy shall align to unite two souls in the most auspicious, unexpected way.

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