Examples of accomadating negotiation style

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The daycare cut-off time gives you a really easy explanation, too: “I’ve been cutting it too close with the daycare pick-up, so I need to stop dropping you off in the evenings.” If you didn’t have the easy out of daycare, you could instead attribute it to errand-running or other commitments, or even just needing to decompress before getting home to family. I’m being singled out for being tardy The kicker is, everyone else I work with is tardy on a weekly basis.Specifically, one woman I work very closely with comes in almost everyday at 8 a.m. Yet, she gets to leave at the same time as I do every day.You can say that you’re committed to ensuring a smooth transition, that there will be plenty of time to find someone great for the role, and that you’ll keep them posted as things play out. Within the last nine months I was assigned a new boss at my current job.If anyone seems particularly anxious, you can talk to them about how this is a normal part of work life, employers are set up to deal with it, and no one is irreplaceable (or shouldn’t be). She is wonderful – supportive, fair, smart – more like a mentor, actually.The thing is, I have to pick up my two children from daycare by a certain time.

My leaving will be a huge burden for her and the rest of the team.

Nine times out of ten, I am working a half hour extra a day while we are both getting paid for 40 hours a week.

This woman has been here for a couple years longer than I have.

What you’re being told is that you need to be at work on time.

Maybe other people don’t because their jobs are different, or maybe they’re cut more slack because they make different contributions than you, or because they worked out a different arrangement with their boss.

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