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so i would like to stop providing food as a part of my services so obviously need to write a letter to the parents to inform them of this for september. I'm not a CM but was being nosey and reading the thread!!!But like i said im no good at wording things without sounding harsh etc so does anyone have any ideas of what i can write? I thought maybe you could in your letter explain that ..they know, the price of food has increased dramatically recently..the past you have always been happy to provide food as part of your services, however you feel that the cost of proving lunches is having a negative impact on your overall income.Perhaps you could say something like With the increased price of food I'm not able to continue offering food for free. per child per day for lunch or would you prefer to provide lunches yourself?

Therefore, I will not be putting my prices us this year, and will instead ask you to provide a healthy lunch for your own children.

In September my life is going to be sooooooo much easier!

With regard to picnic lunches, I just make them the night before.

I don't reckon you need to mention about your own childrens lunches.....I'm not a childminder, but a parent and to be honest I wouldn't be particularly happy with this change in arrangements.

I hope that helps I understand that it would be another chore for you to do in the morning but at the same time it's another thing for me to be doing in my day.....i do alot of outings with the children and so have to make lunches before we go out etc so maybe its something i want to cut out off my list if that makes sense?

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