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The investor pitch is simple: 1) we have a great product that’s unique in the industry; 2) it’s unique because we’ve accomplished something heretofore thought impossible, which is true zero-configuration networking with any home router in America or the world; 3) we accomplished this because we were too ignorant to know it was impossible; 4) we have a brilliant marketing program (two of them, actually) that will lead to rapid direct sales growth; 5) with 125 million licensed Minecraft players in the world we see a market in the next two years for approximately one percent of that installed based or 1.25 million Mineservers worth more than 0 million, and (finally); 6) Mineserver Corporation is literally the ONLY way to invest in the Minecraft ecosystem other than by buying Microsoft shares.And the pitch must have worked because we’ve found just enough investors to move on to the next level, which is first shipping our current orders (with 16-gig SD cards instead of 8-gig) then ramping-up Mineserver 2 production overseas. If you are among our Kick Starter backers we’re sorry for being so late, but we’ll also remind you that the average price you have paid for a Mineserver is and our average cost to deliver them will be almost exactly .Herb has become our guru, though if you want to sue us please go through our litigator, Claude Stern of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan in Redwood City. Herb told us to turn Mineserver LLC into Mineserver Corporation, a Delaware C-Corp like all the other Sand Hill Road darlings. You can’t very easily tell 100,000 people about your screw-ups while trying to find an investor at the same time. We were held up waiting for suppliers who were giving us 90 percent discounts: you can’t blame them in public and expect them to take it well. Deciding to grow the company complicates things a lot. One of our hardware suppliers simply wasn’t capable of growing with us so we had to replace that supplier, which wasn’t easy especially since it involved numbers that were increasing by 100X.Our entertainment deals are handled by Chuck Hurewitz of Isaacman Kauffman & Painter in Los Angeles. Based on what we learned from the Mineserver and 9 Mineserver Pro, we had to come up with a single follow-on product to replace both that was cheaper to make yet more powerful.We’ve detailed so far every step and misstep in the project except one, which is coming in the next paragraph.Nothing about those earlier updates has changed or is The major change that has been, to this point, unannounced, is that we ran out of money.During the second year of our relationship she doubled down on the nasty behavior. Sometimes it was five times a night, interrupting whatever we were doing. He must go visit her immediately and drop everything to attend to her.She asked him to do all sorts of tasks for her: purchase airline tickets online, make hotel reservations or help her sell things on ebay. I thought it was strange and tried to tell him that I didn’t think all those calls were normal, but I let it go. One day Evin told me that his mom fell down and broke her leg. However, he didn’t because we had vacation plans to fly out and see my sister. We were about to find out just how much hell he was going to pay for being with me instead of her.

Those who criticize this project for being run unlike a Silicon Valley startup should understand that if it was such a startup we would have long ago declared bankruptcy, leaving customers with nothing.Upon our return we learned that she needed surgery on her leg.Evin decided to surprise her and fly out at Thanksgiving near the date of her surgery.If we did intend to pursue it then we’d need to raise more money.And that money wasn’t going to come from a horde of Kick Starter backers who were already carrying torches and pitchforks.

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