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"Happy Birthday for tomorrow to the kindest, strongest, most beautiful soul I have ever met.We have been together for years now and loving you will always be the greatest blessing," wrote the in-love Australian.Bindi wrote, "When it comes to love do not ever settle for anything less than magical—S. "I'm so lucky."During the chat, Bindi revealed that despite being together for several years, Chandler had just passed the ultimate test for her adventurous family."He actually just came on our annual crocodile research trip," said Bindi."The ultimate test was saying, ‘Now you're going to jump on top of a 15-foot crocodile.'"She said, "Chandler was brave enough to actually jump on top of the crocodile, and I was really proud."Looks like he passed with flying colors!The outer eyes contain the rectus muscles, which are responsible for moving our eyeballs.When you rub your eyes, and apply pressure to these muscles, you also stimulate the vagus nerve that runs along side the rectus muscles.

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Derek Parker, Mosman You are wishing them that their birthday will "return" again - many times i.e. Amber Jones, Surry Hills This phrase came into use when people revolved around their families (before the days of confuddling and befusing technological contraptions) and they would, when it came to their birthdays, go home to their families to celebrate with the family.Paul Roberts, Lake Cathie What determines if an event will be stored in your short-term or long-term memory?It depends on how many times you are told it/repeat it.The nerve causes the heart rate to slow, enabling us to sleep more easily.Unfortunately, grubby knuckles often introduce eye infections in this way.

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