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After two hours at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway offices being led from video shoot to photo shoot to audio recording session, creating promotional materials for the 500 and the rest of the upcoming 2008 season, Helio is still cracking wise. Wait—don’t tell her I said that.” “No smiles, Helio!

And in the grind of tedious media work, standing in the floodlights of a photo studio dressed in his red Penske fire suit, all he asks for is his helmet. ” The back-and-forth continues for a few minutes, the photographer trying to get Helio to straighten up, Helio playing the clown through a series of poses with his helmet as a prop. “Hey,” again posing prima donna, “don’t talk to me.” When the shoot wraps, the lights go down, but Helio is still on.

He debuted in professional Hockey championship at the age of 20.

She also loves music and has released two albums, several singles, and guest performed in many shows.

And from September 2014 she became the permanent fourth judge of Dancing with Stars.

She engaged with the 33 years old Professional hockey player Brook Laich.

And in this private moment, with so many tokens of a fruitful life in orbit around him, Helio beams. Whether he’s approaching reporters poised at a media event, fans ambushing for autographs, or a pit crew ready to talk strategy, the throaty chuckle signals Helio’s arrival. He engages each face, stranger or friend, calling the men by name or “chief” or “my man.” To those he even casually knows, he’ll hold his fist up, pinky out, thumb to his ear, and say “Call me,” and “We partying tonight?

People seeing him from afar might think the smile, the unwavering joy, is just an act, the mere deflection of all the attention. ” He’ll show the women some dance moves, take their hands, bring them to his chest, twirl them and dip.

In the background, he can literally hear the clamor of his celebrity, the clanks and thuds of an ESPN television production crew setting up for a shoot on his back terrace. Before the 2007 Indy Car season even ended last September, Helio was practically living in Hollywood, working up to eight hours a day in preparation for live tour in January.

“Last night I felt the baby,” she says, running her hand over her pregnant belly.

“I felt him move for the first time.” The unborn child’s future godfather wraps an arm around his sister. But when the cameras have shut off, when the spotlights are cold and motionless, Helio seems to create a light of his own.

Julianne Hough is an American Dancer, singer, and actress.

She is well-known for portraying the role of Hogwarts schoolgirl in the movie ' Harry Potter and the philosopher's Stone' and the Fox Dancing series Dancing with the Stars.

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