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This can only bring one to the conclusion that the cynic is the highest level of self actualisation possible!

Slowly you find yourself developing a layer of defenses around the pain, a layer of sarcastic remarks, cynicism, put downs and a jaded attitude. If so, the first step Potter-Efron suggests in overcoming your negative attitude is to carefully look at the painful experiences you have gone through that may have contributed to your becoming more sarcastic, cynical, defeated and hopeless. If that scenario fits your life experience, you might have to tweak or modify your goals to reflect what’s realistic, possible and more readily achievable. It’s we—because of disappointments, failures, mistakes, bad luck or whatever—that give up on our dreams.Someone who's jaded hasn't lost the will to change, they've just lost the means.Scratch the surface of a cynic and you'll find someone who simply doesn't have any answers.Cynicism and jaded are one and the same ingredients.The belief of insincere people is a stepping stone and/or a stumble onto loneliness.

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