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His first single, "Scatman" was recorded September 1994 and released in Germany December 1994.

John wrote that two of the four verses of this song dealt directly with his stuttering (see

John went into a bar (in his drinking days) and said to the bartender. The bartender responded with c-c-coming r-r-right up. I'm sure that John would have greatly appreciated this honor as he did when the National Council on Communicative Disorders approved my nomination of him for an award. I have only just heard about him passing on, and it is a deep loss to the world. I only wish I could have seen him perform once before he passed on i wasn't realy a scatman fan, i do briefly remember the song 'scatman', as i was only 12 back in 1995 i didn't realy take much notice of the music around me, and how did i find out about this great loss, well i have just been on audiogalaxy(the place i download my mp3's) and was scouring through peoples posts when i came across 'scatman is the fastest rapper' memories of a charlie chaplin figure came pouring back, so ...

Having personally known John and how humble a person he was, I know that he found it gratifying that anyone thought that he was a role model for them. I've never heard of the "Scatman" in my life before. i decided to use google to search for news on the old guy, and this is how i came across this ite, i will admit that i didn't realy now a thing about him, i didn't know he died 2 years ago either, although this site has enlightend me and one thing for sure, i wont be forgetting scatman john for a while.

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I started doing a little research & found this dedication page.Obituary: John Larkin by Pierre Perrone Wednesday 22 December 1999, from the INDEPENDENT Musician John "Scatman" Larkin passed away December 3, 1999, at his home in California.John, a person who stuttered, was known for his "scatsinging" and wrote that is was an example of how his "greatest problem has become my greatest asset." Professionally he was best known for his successful recordings in Europe on the BMG/RCA label.Shortly before the scheduled time, John emailed me, giving me his home phone number and I relayed questions to him, typing his answers as quickly as I could.He spent an hour with us that night, encouraging the teens attending and expressing his sincere love for all of them.

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