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I drift back to sleep, and when I wake up again, I know instantly that you’re awake. I think about rolling over but part of me is curious.

I want to see what you will do, so I continue feigning sleep.

I wonder if you’re trying to go back to sleep, and for a while I think you have.

Then I hear you sigh, and you move the arm that was between us.

I mumble and shift, as if caught in a dream, and you let go of me, rolling onto your back. I can tell you’re trying to be quiet, to not wake me.

I expected you to start sorting yourself out but I can feel both your arms, one down between us, and one coming over your head.

As your fist moves up and down the shaft, you pull your cock, tugging it away from your stomach.

A thick ribbon of cum spills over his fist onto his stomach, as he gives a loud grunt, and I jump.

His hand relaxes to his side, and before I can react, he moves his arm from over his face, meeting my eyes in the mirror.

There is something delightful about watching you like this, it’s a glimpse into something that I don’t get to see often.

When I ask someone to wank for me there is a certain level of self-consciousness because they know I’m watching, while that doesn’t spoil the view it definitely doesn’t give me the same thrill that watching you now does.

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