Podcasts not updating on blackberry

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To do this, all you need to do is open up the slide-out drawer and go down to “Settings” and tap on it.

The second option under “General” will allow you to refresh your account.

When it comes to computers, you may not need to keep laptops plugged in but you will need to charge them using an ac power source from time to time, and if […]Many people may choose to watch all of their content through a digital method these days, meaning they download and/or stream all of the TV and movies that they want to watch, but for those that still like hard media formats, a Blu-Ray player is still a perfect way to go as you’ll get much […]LG is beginning to announce a number of its product announcements for CES, ahead of CES, and that might surprise some people since LG has a press conference at CES.

Which is true, but LG does also have a ton of areas and businesses that get new products announced at the show.

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You can now level up to 12 Rebirth level 100, and with it comes an increase to the number of floors in Endless Tower.

In fact, throughout the entire video, although its main characters are using Nokia handsets, there’s not a single mention of […]Major wireless carrier O2 UK joined forces with futurist Dr.

Ian Pearson to envision the state of the connected human body and how technology will tie into biology in 2049, and the carrier has created a wearable that’s meant to be the first step in that direction; a cell phone that users can wear as […]Samsung’s 2018 iteration of its Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8 Plus handsets may have only just been announced but the stock firmware for both devices have, surprisingly enough, already been spotted online.

Making for a great way to listen to podcasts while on your way to work, without using up all of your data. Especially when you are looking to for a great podcatcher, and Google Play Music is already pre-installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Now podcasts are available to those that subscribe to Google Play Music Unlimited and those that don’t. Plantation, Florida-based startup Magic Leap finally unveiled its first official product following seven years of development and close to two billion dollars raised in funding from tech giants like Google, Temasek, and Alibaba, having announced the Magic Leap One: Creator Edition, a mixed reality headset which adopts the form of retro-futuristic goggles.

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