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You can really start to feel and enjoy the differences!

'The diet can also have a negative impact on the body if you do it the wrong way.

It’s possible to retire and move into a “retirement village” even when you’re completely healthy and active, and then gradually “age in place” and get the care you need at each stage of life for as long as you live.

Here are a few pros and cons of living in a retirement village: Save money on living expenses: Many women over 60 today would love to downsize to a smaller home.

'By practicing fasting, you allow your body and gut time to digest, rest and heal.

Fasting actually lightens the load on the gut, allowing it to work at its optimum.

If you eat satiating, delicious whole foods, you won't be hungry throughout the day - think good fats and protein sources instead of low calorie junk food.'In terms of the cons, Lee said it can be a challenge.

Onsite skilled nursing care: Once you get to a point in life where you need medical care or nursing care, a retirement village has all of the resources and amenities right there outside your door.

Social activities: Retirement villages often have active social calendars with concerts, wine tastings, cultural offerings and other fun things to do with your fellow “older adults.” More expensive: If you need skilled nursing care, living in a retirement village might be more expensive than staying in your own home.

This means we can get sick less, experience less pain and become less susceptible to diseases.'Lee said fasting also lowers levels of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) which is linked to ageing, tumour progression and cancer risk.

It also improves the cleansing process,' Lee explained'As the 8 hour diet requires you to eat within a limited window, it gives you less time to eat and more time to shed a few kilos!

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