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NET (rather than Windows Forms or console), what is the correct way to create an application that can only be run as a single instance?

I know it has something to do with some mythical thing called a mutex, rarely can I find someone that bothers to stop and explain what one of these are.

The code needs to also inform the already-running instance that the user tried to start a second one, and maybe also pass any command-line arguments if any existed.

Having only one instance of your app is reasonable.

Just want to make correction about my previous state.

Passing arguments to an existing app means that you want to do an MDI (multi document interface). (But I still prefer SDI over MDI) Here is a very good article regarding the Mutex solution.

constructor simply requires a string, so you could supply any string name you want, e.g., "This Is My Mutex".

When I received that notification I set the form's Top Most property to true to bring it up on top.

Here is what I ended up with: On the basis that this answer uses less code and less libraries and provides the raise to top functionality, I'm going to make this the new accepted answer.

I don't know about you, but when I learn about stuff I can reuse in the framework, that is usually the route I take instead of reinventing the wheel. When I got into WPF, I came up with a way to use that same code, but in a WPF application.

This solution should meet your needs based off your question. In this class we are going override the On Startup event and create a method called Activate, which will be used later.

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