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Seen purely as an object of sexual gratification, Sarah was called the Hottentot Venus.The popularity of Sarah’s sizeable posterior is believed to be the chief inspiration behind the bustles that became so fashionable in Europe soon after her arrival. The hypersexualization of Native women through slutty red face costumes is a prime example of that.He did have a point though, in that white men have fetishized and eroticized women of other races and ethnicities throughout history, leading white women to imitate those features.One such case is that of Sarah Baartman, an African tribeswoman and former slave who was exhibited in freak show attractions in Europe in the early 1800s.

Walden, saying the angry responses are indicative of how people respond when they know there is some truth in the criticism they are receiving.We’ve been threatened to get sent home from school if our knees show. The more we bash on one another for dressing too revealing, the more we are perpetuating the rape culture so many have been victims of…Her tasteless and bashful opinion isn’t going to make girls want to dress ‘classier’ and ‘cover up’ more.Little eyes are watching you.” The post struck a nerve, prompting the Huffington Post to delete the article and compelling current University of Alabama student Alejandra Tenorio to pen an angry response titled “Dear Rebecca Walden And Every Woman Who Is Still ‘Slut-Shaming.’” “Slut-shaming is real, we see it every day and this blog post is one of the countless examples roaming the cyber world today,” she wrote.“We, as young women, have grown up in a world where we have been taught our shoulders distract boys from learning.

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