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Jastrebarsko started to rapidly develop following the 1848 abolishment of feudalism.

The Zagreb–Karlovac railway was built in 1865, providing the town with a major source of employment.

Preliminary opinion by Dadić called for construction of four additional interchanges on the Zagreb–Karlovac stretch that would stop Jastrebarsko from being the bottleneck exit for all commuters living on the A1 corridor.

The climate of Jastrebarsko is classified as maritime temperate with a slightly drier winter (Cfwbx in Köppen climate classification system). Winters are mild and summers are cool and the dry season spans through the winter and early spring.

The Zagreb–Karlovac–Rijeka magistral railroad M202, part of the Pan-European corridor Vb, passes through Jastrebarsko.

The city administration has called for a traffic study in 2007 by Ivan Dadić, a Croatian traffic expert, to solve the transport problems riddling Jastrebarsko's roads.

In the late 19th and early 20th century, Jastrebarsko was a district capital in the Zagreb County of the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia.All travelers are responsible to check if a visa is required for all countries on their itinerary. This moderately active trip covers a good amount of ground each day.We can spend 2-3 hours on our feet during tours where you will encounter some uneven surfaces, stairs, steps and significant slopes. This tour is not recommended for people who have difficulty walking.However, after the World War II and takeover by Yugoslav communists, Stepinac was sentenced in 1946 by a Yugoslav court to 16 years in prison for alleged collaborating with Nazis.He was released five years later and died in home confinement.

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