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The “Fingerpicking Remix,” on the other hand, is for completists.Elsewhere, Brooklyn musician Helado Negro repurposes “Death With Dignity,” inverting its arpeggiated guitar and then adding ambient noise, strings, echo, beats, choral vocals and more, turning it into something full and lush and entirely different.And the remixes here are interesting, if not exactly life-changing.There are two of “Drawn to the Blood.” Stevens’ own reworking replaces the original’s insistent strum with heavy beats and pulsing synths, eventually blossoming into a beautiful latticework of vocals, rhythms and far-out sounds. It took me until “Demon Days” and i Pods were released to start listening to Gorillaz, and I’ve continued ever since.

It was the early 2000s— I was watching MTV in the morning before going to my middle school classes, and the video for “Clint Eastwood” came on the screen.

I wish I had more reliable access to the Internet at that time, but I don’t think Wikipedia was around.

Now, the writer/creator/star has dropped a follow-up teaser, and while it still doesn’t contain any actual dialogue, it definitely gives us a better idea of what we can expect from season two!

Single life may be a bit lonely, but single life spent between Rome and New York with great friends and extremely cute family looks good as heck.

Between the Italian ballad in the trailer and the black and white promo art which has just been released, it looks like this season may be a bit more introspective than the last, but if it means more Aziz Ansari eating cheese and talking about his feelings, we’re up for it.

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