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Being the loyal and faithful servant that he is, his vocation covers a wide variety of areas, such as tending to Kami's palace and grounds, keeping the Lookout clean, training Earthlings and other creatures to deal with especially dangerous enemies of the planet (such as Piccolo Jr.

at the end of Dragon Ball, and Vegeta and Nappa at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z), taking over the Lookout when the Guardian is away, odd and interesting tasks like helping to reconstruct Shenron if needed, and most importantly, supporting, serving, and caring for the current Guardian.

He always has a deep emotional bond with the Guardian of the time and will become incredibly depressed or worried if they undergo any harm.

He also tends to the ancient butterfly garden that he planted thousands of years ago, and enjoys the more simple things in life.

Popo and the rest are turned into chocolate and eaten.

However, before he was turned into chocolate, after seeing the murders of Krillin, Android 18 and their daughter, Popo bravely makes a quick decision, seizing Dende and hurling him off of the lookout, out of Buu's rampage.

This agelessness results from his Otherworldly origins. Popo's outfit likewise never changes during the course of the series.

By the time of Dragon Ball Z, Popo was over 1,000 years old.(He does this by blinding Goku while telling him to follow a cat with a bell on its tail.) Having finished his training under Mr. Popo appears again in the Imperfect Cell Saga, bidding Kami a final farewell when Kami permanently fuses with Piccolo to become the Nameless Namek, in order to gain more power to combat the Androids who are wishing to murder Goku.Popo, Goku enters the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament with the hope of defeating Piccolo Jr. Some of the techniques Goku developed in his three-year training under Popo would later prove quite valuable, including Ki Sense and the Super Kamehameha. Popo and Kami train Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Yamcha, Chiaotzu and Yajirobe in order to help combat the approaching threat of the Saiyans, through many different training methods, including the Pendulum Room, intending to show the full power even the lower class Saiyans used to possess. Popo and Kami come to the realization that Piccolo has become far less evil than he was five years ago, when they notice that Raditz's soul, who was killed by Piccolo, did not become lost like other souls killed by demons. Popo and Kami observe the battle from the Lookout, with Mr. He takes Kami to the bottom of the Lookout to spread the Sacred Water where the former Guardians' graves lie. He later reappears in the Cell Saga, where he leads Goku, Gohan, Future Trunks and Vegeta to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for a year of training in one day.He also sports a single gold hoop earring on each ear.On his upper body, he wears a maroon-patterned, gold-trimmed sleeveless vest that exposes part of his torso, as well as gold armbands on his upper arms. His white pants appear in the style of harem trousers, wrapping in around his ankles.

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