Who is dean mcdermott dating

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Tori Spelling is going big in the party planning department once again.

As the reality star prepared to ring in daughter Stella's ninth birthday, the proud mom knew she wanted to do something special.

Apparently, Mc Dermott tried to show Goodhand a sex tape that he and Tori Spelling had made. On an interesting note, there’s another woman named Emily Goodhand who is being mistaken for the woman who’s allegedly had sex with Dean Mc Dermott.

Check out the below tweets from the other Goodhand about the confusion.

We watched Spelling unravel as she battled through therapy with her husband, though she admitted she never asked him if there were other women, because she was afraid of what his answer would be.

On season two of the reality show, Spelling finally looks at a photo of Emily Goodhand.

Mc Dermott began to speak of his great love for his wife Tori, but apparently had the affair anyway.

UPDATE 10-21-14: Viewers have watched the aftermath of Mc Dermott’s cheating on wife Tori Spelling play out on their reality show in its first and now its second season.

Spelling struggled with being a single parent while Mc Dermott went to rehab for cheating, substance abuse, and being a pathological liar.

co-star Jennie Garth, Candy Spelling and brother Randy Spelling.

The birthday party comes just a few short months after Tori threw a glamping birthday party for Liam.

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