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When you are beginning a relationship from afar it is even more difficult. Has this notion of added difficulty and issues not dawned on the men pursuing these types of relationships? It's one thing if you are planning on moving to that area in the near future, but if you aren't, why even start something that has additional risks, and less of a safety net?For con artists, man whores,game players, and commitment-phobes, the long distance relationship is a godsend. You have to take him at his word and cross your fingers and hope he hasn't lied to you.The consequences for HIM if he is lying is basically to never hear from you again. What about your home, friends, family, kids, job, etc?

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He could be married to another woman for all you know!! You have to be more careful, more cynical, and less trusting in situations like this.

Now what if this person wants to move to where you are?

Let me guess, he wont get his OWN place and then begin the NORMAL process of dating you and then seeing where it goes. And you still don't think you should get a background check on him? Sure you know his sweet side, and I am sure he has been very nice to you, but how is he to live with? What is like when he is mad at someone or during a fight? Don't you think you should find out if he has been arrested for domestic violence or is god forbid a pedophile that you are inviting into YOUR home to meet your children?

Nope, more often than not he is going to move into YOUR house. Pedophiles, rapists, and men who commit domestic violence don't have a scarlet letter on their chest. They look like everyone else, come from different economic backgrounds, and have different intellectual levels.

Don't think that you know what one looks like, acts like, sounds like. And let's say he checks out ok, have you thought of what will happen if it doesn't work out?

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